Lead a truly interactive and candid discussion around your area of expertise.


Here are the deliverables.

Thought Leadership

Lead discussion which demonstrates your capabilities.


No Audio Visuals - this isn’t a presentation, but a unique opportunity to hear from an engaged ‘focus group’ of participants.

Candid Insight

Lead this conversation and really put your finger on the pulse of the industry.

Pre-qualified buyers who are interested

Brainweave sessions run concurrently and each delegate has explicitly chosen your session.



Ideal for businesses that:

  • Are keen to demonstrate their capabilities in a sector or specialism.

  • Want an interactive way to share their expertise to a group of prospects who have chosen to attend their session.

  • Would like exclusive ‘face time’ with engaged prospects.

  • Want to deep-dive into a specific topic.

About Roundtables

All you need to know about roundtable discussions.